Setting up

This page lists things that we assume you have installed when you come to the Data Science Python -session, and also for data science sessions after that. We strongly recommend installing Anaconda, since it has all the needed packages and Python, but if you wish, you can also just install Miniconda and then packages manually. This is only recommended if you are familiar with command line and installing things with it! Please select the latest Python versions available.

So you should install either

  • Anaconda or
  • Miniconda + Jupyter Notebook

Anaconda installation guide can be found here. Note that you don’t need to install Visual Studio Code if you don’t want to. We will use Jupyter Notebook so no need for Visual Studio and Jupyter Notebook is already included in Anaconda installation.

Miniconda installer can be found here.

For Linux and Mac OS X miniconda installer downloads a .sh-file which needs to be run. After the miniconda is installed, you need to install Jupyter with command

conda install jupyter

When Jupyter is installed with miniconda, Jupyter can be started with

jupyter notebook

If you installed Anaconda, you can just run Anaconda programme and start Jupyter Notebook from there.