Mobile Apps for Learning to Code


  • Android, iOS
  • The award-winning app to learn data skills, pick up or improve coding, and sharpen your work skills in general!
  • 1500+ lessons in 20+ skills: Coding Intro, Python, SQL, Data Science, Data Analysis, JavaScript, React, Blockchain, CSS, HTML, Web, Security, Git,Computer Science, Regex, TypeScript, Docker, Golang, MongoDB, Linux, Java, Spreadsheets, Webflow, Zapier, Airtable


  • Android, iOS
  • Grasshopper is the best way to start your coding adventure with fun, quick games on your phone that teach you to write real JavaScript. Move through progressively challenging levels as you develop your abilities, then graduate with fundamental programming skills for your next step as a coder.


  • Android, iOS
  • Advance your career, build apps and websites, or even become a developer. With Mimo, you can learn the skill of the century, a few minutes at a time.
  • Used by millions of learners, Mimo is just about the most accessible and effective way to start coding Python, JavaScript, HTML, SQL, and more.


  • Android, iOS
  • SoloLearn has the largest collection of FREE code learning content, from beginner to pro! Choose from thousands of programming topics to learn coding concepts, brush up your programming knowledge, or stay aligned with the latest coding trends.
  • Web Development, including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, Python, Java, Kotlin, C++, C, C#, PHP, SQL, Algorithms & Data Structures, Ruby, Machine Learning, Design Patterns, Swift, Git
  • And many other topics you will not find anywhere else.